Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crisis in Russia- Adoption Program Closes!

This just came in:

Reporting on the Russia Situation  
"Like many of you, our hearts are very heavy.  What is happening in Russia with the abrupt closure of the adoption program, the political posturing, the game-playing with children's is a tragedy that goes beyond comprehension.  Though there are a few children who were nearly home are now being permitted to complete their adoptions, for most in process, they will remain in institutions, without hope of a family or future. Thousands upon thousands of children will suffer the worst that life has to offer. I am helpless to change this, but join with you in prayer, in hope, and in continuing to fight for the right of every child to have a family. And for those who speak in favor of this legislation, and claim that they do so for "the rights of birth families and children and national/ethnic rights," I say: Shame on you.  You have misplaced your good intentions and are no friend to the children who suffer unspeakable circumstances.  Every child in the USA or any country deserves a family. It is not for politicians or 'advocacy groups' to deny any child that opportunity." 

Please pray that God would work in the hearts of the officials of this nation, because these kids sorely need a forever family!

Always in Him,